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Product introduction:
The newest water injection toy, the water balloon, remember when we were young, the balloon was filled with water for a long time. Now this new tool for filling water can fill a lot of water balloons a minute.

In the hot summer, after the summer vacation, the children do not want to go outside because the weather is too hot. 

It is too much trouble to play water guns. Now with this injection toy,it can fill a lot of water balloons in a minute. 

It is a good choice to play with these small water balls for the present high temperature weather.

Throwing on the body also does not ache, when the water balloon is broken, hits on the body also to be cool, at the same time has solved the child the play question, is really very cool.

Quantity: 3 bundles per packet (111pcs)

Suitable age: children over 4 years old

Applications:large entertainment activities.

Package Content:

111 X Filling Water Balloons

1 X Water Injection Nozzle