10pcs/set Portable Baby Health Care Set Thermometer Grooming Nail Cutter Feeding Device Brush Healthcare Newborn Tool Kits



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10pcs/Set Portable Baby Health Care Set Grooming Thermometer Feeding Device Cutter Nail Newborn Tool with 2 Colors
Material: plastic
Color: pink
Baby Scissors: Flexible and easy to use, suitable for quickly trimming baby nails.
Nail clippers: secure inline, close to your baby's nails.
Baby finger braces: bump point can be love tongue, soft toothbrush.
Comb brush combination: round head design, intimate care.
Baby Dropper Feeder: Quantitative Preparation, Precise Drug Use.
Nose suction device: rounded suction nozzle to avoid injuring baby's nasal mucosa.
Safe tweezers: Take out baby's nasal scale with round head and let baby breathe smoothly.


The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

Package Content:

10 x Baby Health Care Tools