10pcs Colored Sand Painting Drawing Toys Coloring DIY Notebook Drawing Toys for Unisex Boys Girls Educational Toy Random Color



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Size: 20*15*1 (CM)

Weight: 0.3 KG

Material: paper; 

Surface treatment: Spray paint;

Use a bamboo stick to pick up the self-adhesive surface paper to be
colored. After the rubber surface is exposed, spread the colored sand
that you think is suitable. (Generally pick the outline and sprinkle the
dark colored sand);

2. If the
child is relatively small, it is recommended not to pick the outline,
directly on the drawing, reduce the difficulty of operation, let the
child have a certain sense of accomplishment, and then pick the outline
after being familiar with it;

3. After shaking evenly, gently remove the excess colored sand;
4. Then pick other parts and sprinkle the corresponding colored sand.

Package Content:

sand painting paper*10