100pcs 6-12mm Plastic Safety Eyes for Teddy Bear Doll Animal Crafts Box



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Durable and practical
With thread end and washer buckle
For amateur DIY doll manufacture craft
Give your lovely doll have a brand new eyes
Great for hand making,very convenient to use
Washers can prevent the eyes out of the dolls
Suitable for many kinds of puppets, like doll, Teddy Bear, plush animals,etc.

Material: plastic

Black Diameter: 6mm;7mm;8mm;10mm;12mm

White Diameter:12mm (each colour 20pcs)

Length of bolt: Approx.12mm
Color: Black/White
Quantity: 100pcs

Use tweezers to nip the washer,heat it with lighter,glued to the fitting, which is more convenient and not easy to fall off
Package Content:

100 X Plastic Safety Eyes
100 X Washers (dolls are not included)